I am involved in several projects in Belgium and abroad concerning human remains, burnt and unburnt, looking at several aspects of life in the past.

The CRUMBEL project

Within the EoS CRUMBEL project, my expertise in on human remains, whereby I focus on improving sexing and ageing methods to increase the number of correctly sexed and aged individuals. This is needed to enhance our knowledge of past societies that practiced cremation as a burial ritual, but it is also application to forensic cases that involve fire. 

Udenhoutseweg, Tilburg, the Netherlands

Excavation and analysis of the Iron Age urnfield at Udenhoutseweg, Tilburg, the Netherlands. This research will be undertaken in cooperation with the municipality of Tilburg, Triborgh Gebiedsontwikkeling, Archol B.V., and Restaura.

MEMOR synthese-onderzoek

Development of a database for human remains collections in Flanders, and construction of an ethical framework regarding the treatment and storage of human remains. This project received a grant from Onroerend Erfgoed, Vlaanderen and will be undertaken by the following partners: BAAC Vlaanderen, Koninklijk Belgisch Instituut voor Natuurwetenschappen, KU Leuven, Parcum, UGent, and VUB MARI.

Isotope analyses of skeletal remains

Recently, I became part of the International Joint Research Group: From Survey and Excavation to Isotope analyses of skeletal remains from archaeological contexts, working together with the University of Ljubljana on cremated remains from Slovenia.